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Carbon Steel
Steel Product range:

1) NPT Forged Carbon Steel Fittings to ASTM 105/N ANSI B16.11
2) Seamless Carbon Steel  Butt-Welding Fittings to ASTM A234 WPB ANSI B16.9
3) Seam Carbon Steel Butt-Welding Fittings
4) Carbon Steel Flanges to ASTM 105/N ANSI 16.5, 150 LB
5) Cast Iron Fittings and Flanges
6) Cast Iron Valve: Steam Trap, Butterfly Valve, Foot Valve, 
Check Valve, Gate Valve
7) Galvanized Seam Carbon Steel Butt-Welding Fittings

Please contact us for each product's available sizes.

Carbon Steel Elbow

Carbon Steel  Elbow 45

Carbon Steel  Elbow 180

Eblow 90

Eblow 45

Elbow 180

Carbon Steel  reducer

Carbon Steel  Reducer

Carbon Steel  Tee

Eccentric Reducer

Concentric Reducer Tee/ Reducing Tee

A105 3000

Carbon Steel  Hex bushing

Steel plug

Coupling #3000

Hex Bushing Plug

Cast Iron Elbow

Cast Iron Tee

Cast Iron Flange

Cast Iron Elbow

Cast Iron Tee Cast Iron Flange

Cast Iron Reducer

Cast Iron Check Valve

Cast Iron WN Flange

Cast Iron Reducer

Check Valve Flanges Welding Neck (WN)

A105 Elbow 3000

Galvanized Elbow

Steel Screw

Elbow #3000

Elbow (galvanized) Screw, Bolt, Nut Set

A105 Elbow 3000

Steam Trap

Steel Screw

Spiral wound gasket

Steam Trap Stud Bolt A193 Set

A105 Elbow 3000

Galvanized Elbow

Wafer Check Valve

Flange 5K, 10K, Class 150, Class 300, PN10, PN16

Foot Valve

Gate Valve John Type

Butterfly Valve

Weldolet Threadolet

Foot Valve

Gate Valve Butterfly Valve Weldolet Threadolet

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